Motor boating

This section will be very diverse covering all sorts of motor boats from the small tenders to the multi million pound 90 ft ocean going boats that attracted people like magnets at the Southampton boat show.

For those who visited the F3/500’s at Cardiff and didn’t see the 500’s finlal race you realy missed out fast close exciting and noisey are some of the words to describe it

Ivan Copelli won in what was nearly a non started race until Ivan screemed around the course for a practice lap then the F500 all decided to go for it and it was worth waiting for, well done to all of the competitors and the whole of the race staff who made it a great day out.
The photos will be put onto a seperate gallery as soon as I can get it sorted.

The F300 races also went well with Jamy Stallard winning overall again pictures will be posted as above, well done everyone and thanks to Paul Scott for the photo.

So if you are looking for something small and fast like a Zap Cat or Stealth boat up to the luxury end of the market where you find the Trader or Sunseeker plus many others then over the following few months I should be able to help.