Longboat Rowing

The Sport of Longboat Rowing

As an organised Sport Longboats have been raced for around 30 yrs ; but the tradition of racing for prize money is a lot older of course .

The ‘modern’ boat is a  competitive all weather craft that is very suitable for the beginner and trained athlete alike though the sport itself is an endurance activity.

Our crews compete in an organised West Wales League in river;estuary and open sea races of approx 5miles for men and 3 for ladies. We also race challenge events such as the Cleddau and the Menai Straits ,both around 13 miles.The longboats do particularly well during the 22mile Great River Race on the Thames , the premier UK venue for traditionally rowed craft .34 longboats from Wales entered in 2002.

The Wales Longboat Rowing Association ,[answering to the Welsh Amateur Rowing Association] is the regulatory body for the sport and consists of a growing number of clubs , 20 at present ,from Tenby to Ynys Mon. More clubs join each year with Barry Y.C. the latest to signal its intent to purchase boats .

New rowers are best to contact a local club , or possibly come along to a race or Regatta and maybe start their own up !

The rapid growth in recent years has been due to generous SportsLot funding and We have found that longboat rowing appeals particulary to people in 30’s to 50’s having many members returning to sporting activity or taking it up for the first time in their lives.