In water sport circles when people talk about Jet Ski-ing there are many stereotypes that are mentioned, few of them are complimentary.
As I cover all types of water sports on this site I wanted to find out for myself if these stereo types were true and what drives people to own these muscle machines?

I had previously visited the South Wales Jet-ski club in Port Talbot and met up with the chairman, who I found to be nothing like the any of the stereo types I had heard of, this also applied to the members of the club I met.

There is family membership only, all members undergo the RYA training and there are strict rules for being on the water so after being invited down to the open day and taking photos I got kitted up and had a go myself.

I was taken onto the lake by Pat and Derek, Derek had found out about the club via a link from I held on as the throttle was opened up and I knew immediately why people Jet Ski, the rush was fantastic, G forces wanting to pull me off the machine, the wind on my face, the thrill of the speed, the bounce as we hit someone else’s wake and the feeling of achievement as we were still on the machine after completing a tight high speed turn all added up to FUN FUN and yet more FUN.

The car park was packed, 20 ski’s and a large number of people attended the open day, the ski’s ranged form slim stand up’s to a 4 seater 20v 1300cc monster which I had a go on

Help, advice along with instruction was freely given to less experienced riders from qualified club members.

I was fortunate enough to borrow a ski to run the course solo, at first slowly until I got the hang of the controls then the speed increased to what seemed very fast until I looked at the speedo (only 30kts) but I was happy, thoroughly enjoying myself on a well controlled, disciplined and safe water where anyone who ignores the rules is not welcomed.

Tips for safe Jet ski-ing

Get the right training
Get the correct equipment
Have consideration for other water users
Enjoy your Jet Ski-ing

A great resource for anyone considering Jet Skiing in North Wales can be found at PWC Gwynedd where there is all types of information on Skiing in the area including where to launch, safety and some of the local regulations in the area.