Rowing is one of the oldest sports in the modern Olympics, having played a part in the games since the second Olympiad. Competitive rowing is not the only side to the sport though, there is an ever growing number of recreational rowers, who still enjoy the health, social and physical benefits of the sport.

River, sea and recreational rowing are all on offer in clubs in various locations across Wales.

For river rowers there are several domestic races across Wales throughout the year. Also Welsh river rowers compete at a host of races across the rest of Britain, Including some of the largest and most prestigious races such as Henley Royal Regatta; where Welsh crews have really challenged at the event in recent years.

There is a strong domestic sea rowing calendar in Wales with 25 races. Welsh sea rowers also engage in some of the highest level event in the world such as the 22 mile Great River Race on the Thames and the European Fixed Seat Championships.

Recreational rowing is catered for by most rowing clubs whether sea or river, and recreational rowers often make up a large segment of club members. There is also a solely purposed recreational club in Wales, based in Cardiff.

No previous experience is needed to start rowing and beginners are always welcome at local clubs. To find your local river club click here. If you are interested in starting sea rowing click here.


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