Aquacross Comes to Cardiff


As the tour heads to Cardiff Bay for the penultimate round of the AquaX Championships

Seventeen year old Cameron Green now leads the pack going into the penultimate round in Cardiff in just two weeks time. Yet despite his young years Cameron is already a british closed circuit champion, but this in his first year taking part in the P1 AquaX series. “I’m thrilled to be leading the championship, and hope to continue with further podium finishes I would love to win, however there is strong competition out there,” explained Cameron. And he’s not wrong there. The organisers are expecting to attract bumper entry in Cardiff as the conditions are more akin to lake racing and will favour those with closed circuit experience.

Actions starts from 12.00 on Sunday and 11.00 on Monday. Best viewing id from the Barrage.

Sunday 30 August
11:00 Official Superstock Practice
12:00 Freestyle Displays – Barrage
12:15 Official Practice AQX Ski & Race 1
12:45 Official Practice & AQX 200/250/300 Race 1
13:45 Freestyle Displays – Pier Head
14:00 Superstock Heats – Round 1
15:15 AQX Ski Race 2
15:30 Superstock Heats – Round 2
16:45 Freestyle Displays – Barrage
17.00 AQX 200/250/300 Race 2
17.30 Freestyle – Barrage
Monday 31 August
10:30 Superstock Practice
11:00 Freestyle Displays – Pier Head
11:10 AQX Ski Race 3
11:30 Superstock Heats – Round 3
12:45 Freestyle Display – Barrage
13:00 AQX 200/250/300 Race 3
13:45 Freestyle Displays – Barrage
14:15 AQX Ski Race 4
14:30 Superstock Heats – Finals
15.30 Freestyle Podium Display – Barrage

15:30 Podium Presentations